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Roadmapping the Operationalization of License-Master- Doctorate System at the University of Antananarivo : a case study
Vol. 1, N°1, January 2015 pp.24-31 ISSN :2411-7226
Keywords : Benchmarking, Economic Evaluation, Master Program, Technology Roadmapping

Auteurs : Alex Andriamahazoarivo, François Ravalison

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A New Quality Control Tool to Assess Quality Management Performance in Textile and Garment Factories
Vol. 1, N°1, Jan 2015 pp. 18-23 ISSN : 2411-7226
Keywords : Garment, Jordan, Madagascar, Quality Assurance, Quality Management, Textile

Auteurs : Zo Rakotomalala, François A. Ravalison

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Using Principal Component Analysis to Determine Key Factor of Rural Electrification Development Investment
Vol.1 N°1, January 2015 pp. 10-17 ISSN : 2411-7226
Keywords : Investment, Principal Component Analysis, Rural Electrification Development

Auteurs : Tokary A. Rajaoarisoa, François A. Ravalison

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