Accueil > Documentations scientifiques > Revues récentes > Journal of Systems and Industrial Project Engineering (JSIPE) > JSIPE, vol.1, N°1, jan 2015, ISSN : 2411-7226 > Roadmapping the Operationalization of License-Master- Doctorate System at (...)

  • Roadmapping the Operationalization of License-Master- Doctorate System at the University of Antananarivo : a case study
    Vol. 1, N°1, January 2015 pp.24-31 ISSN :2411-7226

    Auteurs : Alex Andriamahazoarivo, François Ravalison

    Keywords : Benchmarking, Economic Evaluation, Master Program, Technology Roadmapping

    The purpose of this paper is to present a framework for planning and implementing the new University Educational System, License-Master-Doctorate, aligned with the National Plan of Development 2015- 2019. Benchmarking or Competitive Intelligence is used to identify the best Master program. The proposed framework, to plan and implement that program, is the Technology Roadmapping approach.
    The results show a global Master program profitable economically for the above National Plan of Development. For the latter, an integrated Roadmap takes in account and in time different items to tackle the strategic orientations.


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