Accueil > Documentations scientifiques > Revues récentes > Journal of Systems and Industrial Project Engineering (JSIPE) > JSIPE Vol.3, N° 1, Jan 2017, ISSN : 2411-7226 > Utilizing Six Sigma Method to Sustain Development Project : some case (...)

  • Utilizing Six Sigma Method to Sustain Development Project : some case studies
    Vol.3, N° 1, January 2017 pp. 101-109 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs : Herisoa Rakotoarimino, François A. Ravalison

    Keywords : Development project , sustainability, Six Sigma, DMAIC

    [ENG] This study aims to show the critical success factor relative to a development pr oject. A development project is a project whose goal is to improve targeted people’s everyday life. Bu t the problem is that when the funding comes to an end, the impacts of the project results also stop. This research tries to resolve this question which is often seen in some developing countries. The Six Sigma was the engineering method used. It was used to improve the quality of the result of development project and to make it sustainable.

    It can be concluded that the use of the Sis Sigma tools to satisfy the clients ( beneficiaries) and to reduce the lack of quality are some of its possible applications. In addition, this method helps to lead and manage change by providin g practical guidance on situation assessment and conflict resolution.


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