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  • The Improvement Of The Legal Framework Concerning Hydroelectric Exploitation In Madagascar By The Vsm Tool
    Vol. 1, N° 2, November 2015 pp. 32-46 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs : KOERA Ravelonarivo Natanaël, François A. Ravalison

    Keywords : Act, Authorization, Hydroelectric Power Station, Concession

    [ENG] The Act N° 98-032 of January 20th[10], which brings reform on electric sector constitutes the foundation of the legal framework of hydroelectric exploitation in Madagascar. The research’s purposes are to study the procedures which mostly concern the granting of authorization or concession and to check whether the current legal framework is flawed or requires a reform. VSM tool (Value Stream Mapping) is used in this research, to develop the procedures. Currently, a new reform
    of this text is useful for specifying the roles of each stakeholder in the process of conceding permission and authorization, to increase the minimum threshold of a system’s application, to remove the barriers on fees, to transfer the Ministry’s authorities to the benefit of decentralized community concerning authorization and to allow the participation of non-commercial entities in hydroelectric exploitation. The
    procedures do not need to be changed, but the application fields and methods need to, in order to incite operators’ commitment.


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