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  • Pouvoirs d’Etat et Société civile en Afrique centrale
    Omaly sy Anio (Hier et Aujourd’hui) : revue d’études historiques, volume 33-36, 1991-1992, pp. 745-751

    Auteur : Willame J.-C.


    [ EN ] This article questions both the concept of state and that of civil society as they are applied to the political conditions in Central Africa. It first argues that, in the African situation, the state, which has been above all an historical experiment within the western world, does not refer to Weber’s ideal types (rationality and legality), but rather to the maintenance of an authoritarian political culture, although the subdued populations, when facing compulsory obedience to colonial and “chiefs”, were able to develop many strategies of political evasion and/or retreatism. The same observation might of course apply to the concept of civil society. Many individual stories point to the fact that violence has deeply penetrated down to the lowest segments of the society at large, thus conferring to state violence some sort of legitimacy. Democratization of African societies will thus not be an easy exercise ; it might as well degenerate into either mere political formalism (the emergence of a “democratic façade” or warlord’s types of scenario.

    [ MLA ] Somary mifanohitra amin’ny hevitra iray miely be momba ny “fikorosin’ny Fanjakana” ao Afrika afovoany ity asa ity. Haseho ato fa misy fahazarana “ara-panjakana” nolovana tamin’ny fanjanahan-tany izay nanjaka tao Afrika ary mbola vonton’izany ny fomba fisainana. Tokony hitandrina anefa mba tsy hanary ny zaza miaraka amin’ny rano nampandroana azy, izany hoe hampifangaro ny fikorosin’ny asan’ny fahefam-Panjakana sy ny fanjavonany amin’ny maha-rafitra azy.
    Haneho hevi-baovao ihany koa ny laha-teny dia ny hoe : raha misy tokoa izany “fikorosin’ny Fanjakana” izany, angamba kosa ny antony dia tokony hokarohina amin’ny fomba fisehon’ny vondron’olona afrikana tsy miankina amin’ny antoko politika (société civile) izay ampirisihina ankehitriny ohatra amin’ny alàlan’ny hevitra manome lanja ireo hery sokajy tsy voafehin-drafitra (secteur informel).

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