Accueil > Documentations scientifiques > Revues récentes > Journal of Systems and Industrial Project Engineering (JSIPE) > JSIPE Vol.3, N° 1, Jan 2017, ISSN : 2411-7226 > Performance of Jirama, a State Owned Electricity Company In Madagascar : A (...)

  • Performance of Jirama, a State Owned Electricity Company In Madagascar : A Literature Review
    Vol. 3, N° 1, January 2017 pp. 123-131 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs : Tsiry Andriantahina, François A. Ravalison, Ivan Nygaard

    Keywords : literature review, electricity sector, performance of JIRAMA

    [ENG] Due to finding that the image of the development and performance of the Malagasy electricity sector during the last decade appears to essentially negative, the objective of this paper reviews is to collect, organize and synthesize existing knowledge related to the performance of the JIRAMA. It is also to analyze how research in this are a has evolved in recent years. By using online databases relating to publishers such as Google Scholar, this standard literature review included also international journals, reports from smaller journals, conference papers, and grey literature. In general, literature reviews showed that for the JIRAMA, his poor performances are reflected by the foll owing factors : high production costs ; bad quality of service and system reliability ; not accessible electricity for all ; uninsured sustainability.


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