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  • Malagasy women literature as a social critique of post independence family dynamics
    Issue 1 : May2022 Family Dynamics in a Changing Context

    auteur(s) : Sydonie Martial Onisoamino

    Keywords : gender - women literature - social thinking - post-independence - intersection.

    [ENG] This article highlights the social commitment of Malagasy literature by/or about women in post-independence context. Addressing gender challenges in local and transnational contexts, fictions written by women and men are porous identifiers of intersectional inequalities and iniquities in evolving post-independence Malagasy family dynamics. Literatures on gender inequality, reproduction, intersectionality of family dynamics, history of gender relations and Malagasy literature demonstrate the writers’ capacity for social thinking as they relentlessly bring out the evolution of family setups that are influenced by multi-layered intersections of class, religious, gender and sexual trajectories since the Malagasy independence. Still ambivalent positioning of women and men writers on gendered themes like marriage, childbirth and parenting are signs of post-colonial interferences in these creative writings. These themes bear redefined values of the family sphere, as gender roles are continually reshaped to address day-to-day concerns in an increasingly globalized landscape that proves to be multi-level from local to regional, rural to urban, national to transnational.


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