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  • L’Immigration indienne à la Réunion : un modèle d’assimilation réussie ?
    Omaly sy Anio (Hier et Aujourd’hui) : revue d’études historiques, volume 21-22, 1985, pp. 361-378

    Auteur : Prudhomme C.


    [ EN ] The study completed by C. Prudhomme concentrates on the immigration to the island of La Réunion of the Indians and their relationship with the other populations. The writer briefly mentions the way these Indians were received and how their number increased. It was in 1885 that the recruitment of workers completely stopped in India and there were then 117.813 who had emigrated. But the life of these Indian workers led was not entirely perfect as they did not have the same rights as the other populations and were considered as of a lower class. The writer listed the causes of such a situation and concluded in the failure of the assimilation policy.

    [ MLA ] Ny fifindra-monin’ny Indiana ao amin’ny nosy La Réunion, fa indrindra ny fifandraisan’izy ireo tamin’ny mponina hafa, izany no ifantohan’ny fandalinan’i C. Prudhomme. Ampahatsiahiviny fohy amin’izany ny tantaran’ny fandraisana ireo tera-tany Indiana, sy ny fitombon’ny isan’izy ireo ; tamin’ny taona 1885 no niato tanteraka ny fandraisana mpikarama avy any Inde, ary olona 117.813 no voaisa ho efa nifindra monina tamin’izany. Tsy dia tonga lafatra loatra anefa ny fiainan’ny Indiana satria tsy mitovy zo tamin’ny mponina hafa izy ireo, ary noheverina ho toy ny saranga ambany ; tanisain’ny mpanoratra ny antony nahatonga izany, ary fintininy fa niafara tamin’ny tsy fahombiazana ny politikan’ny “assimilation”.


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