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  • Improving the Treasury Of Jirama, A State Owned Company In Madagascar, By Bench marking : A Case Study Of Production Costs
    Vol.3, N° 1, January 2017 pp 110-122 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs : Tsiry Andriantahina, François A. Ravalison, Ivan Nygaard

    Keywords : Benchmarking, Production costs, Treasury

    [ENG] This article analyzes the impacts of the production cost on the JIRAMA‘s treasury.After using benchmarking method to compare the JIRAMA’s system with other electricity companies in Sout h Saharan Africa (SSA), the impacts on the treasury were assessed considering two scenarios : (i) 25 % reduction of average production costs ; (ii) and 50% reduction of the average production costs. The r esults showed that the average production cost of JIRA MA is exceeding the average in Africa. Which led to formulate recommendations focused on technology choices such renewable energy. Furthermore, given the significant impact of the production cost on the treasury, it is recommended that in the short term, fund supply is necessary to improve its treasury.


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