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  • Improving the Performance of JIRAMA using the TRIZ Approach : Analysi s of Total System Losses, S ales Losses and Treasury
    Vol. 1, N° 2, November 2015 pp. 47-58 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs : Tsiry Andriantahina, François A. Ravalison

    Keywords : Sales losses, Total s ystem losses, Treasury, TRIZ

    [ENG] This paper investigates the impa cts of total system losses and sales losses on the JIRAMA treasury. After evaluating the current los ses, the impacts on the treasury were assessed considering two scenarios :(i) 50% reduction of total system losses and annual sales losses ; (ii) elimination of total system losses and annual sales losses. The results showed that, under scena rios, the total system losses and the losses on sales negatively impacted the JIRAMA treasury. Afterwards, these results were scrutinized under various financial analysis theories in order to obtain a first series of short-term recommendations. The TRIZ approach, which is a problem-solving theory developed in 1946 by the Russian engineer Genrich Altsh uller,was then used to identify the best ways for the implementation of our first series of recommendations. The results of the TRIZ approach led to a second series of recommendations focusing on innovative changes in the JIRAMA system settings to improve company treasury.


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