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  • Identifying Process to Reengineer by Multi Criteria Analysis : the case of the Military Training in Madagascar
    Vol. 2, N° 1, December 2016 pp. 68-76 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs:Alex P. Andriamahazoarivo,
    François A. Ravalison

    Keywords : Malagasy, Military, Multi Criteria Analysis, Process, Reengineering, Training.

    [ENG] The main purpose of this study is to identify or to prioritize the process to reengineer in the case of Malagasy military training.At the same time, the process of Malagasy military training management is identified and the Skinner metrics related to the Plan National de Développement are identified. Then Multi Criteria Analysis is utilized to undertake prioritization. Multi Criteria Analysis is the appropriate method to sort process to reengineer. The main results are : the “management of identification of military training needs” is the process to reengineer, and it is also the focal process.


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