Accueil > Documentations scientifiques > Revues récentes > Journal of Systems and Industrial Project Engineering (JSIPE) > JSIPE Vol.3, N° 1, Jan 2017, ISSN : 2411-7226 > Access to Electricity for Rural Population in Madagascar : a Literature (...)

  • Access to Electricity for Rural Population in Madagascar : a Literature Review
    Vol.3, N° 1, January 2017 pp. 93-100 ISSN : 2411-7226

    Auteurs : Toky Rahoelison, François A. Ravalison

    Keywords : Electricity access, Rural Electrification, Rural locality

    [ENG] The rate of access to electricity in Madagascar in rural areas remains very low. I n May 2014 [09], only 6,2% of Malagasy rural population had access to electricity. However the access to energy, especially electricity, is commonly considered as a prerequisite to economic and social development as all production activities require an energy input. The aim of this paper is to inventor y and synthesize the barriers to the access to electricity in rural areas of Madagascar. To this end, a literature review on rural electricity and rural electrification projects has been carried out to identify the relevant problems and to cluster them. Mainly, online documents including report papers, conference papers and documents related to rural life have been referred to.

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